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Wdychanie wodoru H2 (inhalacja) naprawia i leczy uszkodzenie płuc wywołane Covid-19 i respiratorem.
Extermination machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making healthy people sick
Mike AdamsThe vaccine is the bioweapon. Specifically, the spike protein is the bioactive weapon, and it is designed to spread from person to person, being transmissible from the vaccinated in order to infect the unvaccinated.

People who are injected with the mRNA vaccine are having their bodies turned into bioweapons factories, churning out spike protein particles which they shed through their mouths and skin, infecting everyone around them. The spike protein is biologically active and causes blood clots, leading to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and infertility effects.

We’ve finally figured out the exact mechanism of how this vaccine is designed to achieve global extermination. It’s called a „self-replicating vaccine” because the vaccine spreads like a virus and infects everyone.

See the shocking full story and podcast here.

P.S: I’ve also posted an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt discussing how forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity. Watch the full interview here. 

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Wodór molekularny H2 pomaga w rehabilitacji po zakażeniu wirusem i walce z długim Covid-19.

Gaz Browna – Wodór dla zdrowia: tło, obserwacje i dane medyczne


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